Watson M.D.

A 30 sec spot for IBM that illustrates how the Jeopardy-winning supercomputer’s deep analytics can assist physicians in diagnosing patients.  Produced for ad agency Ogilvy & Mather/New York, the spot features imagery derived from medical visualizations, scientific literature, live action photography, pathogen analysis and more, presented through an algorithmic animation engine developed by Mirada that mirrors Watson’s approach to data analysis.

“Watson M.D.” illustrates the challenge physicians face in diagnosing patients as the body of medical knowledge doubles every five years. Enter Watson, IBM’s supercomputer that can understand questions and intent, scour millions of lines of human language and return precise, highest-probability answers in less than three seconds. Using the most human of interactions – the doctor/patient interview, the spot shows how Watson approaches the problem, using millions of images to represent possibilities as they flow through the analysis and between the actors, from action to action, question to question, all the while visibly sorting, sifting, shrinking, selecting, comparing, casting aside or moving to the forefront until the process is complete and most probable diagnosis identified (Lyme disease, from an insect bite).

Produced at Mirada

Role: Designer & Animator