Nissan IDS Concept

Working with the talented people over at Airlift Creatives, we created the visual system in the dual-purpose dashboard console for Nissan. My role as a Motion/UI artist, I worked closely with the UX lead and art director to developed the visuals for the dashboard. We prototyped the UI transition from Autonomous Drive to Manual Drive through visual and motion studies.

Nissan Intelligent Driving is Nissan's concept of autonomous drive technology and represents what Nissan believes next-generation vehicles should be.

 "Nissan Intelligent Driving improves a driver's ability to see, think and react. It compensates for human error,
which causes more than 90 percent of all car accidents.
As a result, time spent behind the wheel is safer, cleaner, more efficient and more fun,"

Carlos Ghosn, Nissan President and CEO 


Nissan is attempting to improve vehicle control and safety technology by investing in the development of machine intelligence. Its artificial intelligence (AI) communicates like an attentive partner, collecting data of information concerning traffic conditions, driver's schedule to personal interests. The UI composes of real-world applications for autonomous driving. It includes social media apps, photo album, music player, navigation, calendar and various other apps for a comfortable, enjoyable and safe experience.

Working closely with the UX designer and other motion artist we animated the UI to feel responsive to match its simplistic and approachable design.

                                                                                                                                                                          Chauffeur Screen animation

                                                                                                                                                                          Chauffeur Screen animation

Navigation Map / Terrain

When designing the navigation map, the visual art direction was Inspired by modern architecture and minimalist forms. The computer graphical-style terrain was combined with realistic day-light setups in 3D to give give it a unique real-world tone. To enhance the sense of depth when traveling through the terrain, polygonal clouds were modeled and place in different z-depth to create parallax. The goal of the animation was to show a smooth seamless transition with the navigation map and UI graphics animating in sync.


Some have compared a future with autonomous drive to living in a world of conveyer belts that simply ferry people from point A to B, but the Nissan IDS Concept promises a very different vision of tomorrow. Even when the driver selects Piloted Drive and turns over driving to the vehicle, the car's performance—from accelerating to braking to cornering—imitates the driver’s own style and preferences.


Nissan's IDS Concept Introduction video
Learn more about the car here.

Produced at Airlift Creative

UI/UX: Airlift Creative

Visual Designers: Jiaren Hui, James Yi

2D Animators: James Yi, Jiaren Hui, Sang Shin

3D Animators: Jiaren Hui, James Yi

GPX Montage: Jiaren Hui